Developer Tools Utilities
Developer: Clarkwood Software, LLC
8.99 USD

Peek-a-Boo is the most intuitive way to explore what’s happening in the universe of processes on your Mac. It is a Mac OS X utility to monitor and manipulate all running processes. You can watch how much CPU time each process uses, adjust processes’ priorities, and monitor process information; the innovative process throb window shows in an instant the activity of all the processes on your system.

There are many ways to peek under the hood of Mac OS X with Peek-a-Boo; you can choose between watching overall system behavior in a variety of windows, or zoom in to scrutinize individual process behavior.

Several overall system views focus on broader overall system behavior, taking all processes into account. These include the innovative process throb window, the traditional process list window, and the cumulative system information window

Several isolated process information views allow you to isolate an individual process, and focus on that specific process’s characteristics. You can observe with process information windows, track with logging windows, and monitor with cpu usage history windows.